Cross-Ventilated Barn Cooling

Cross-Ventilation FanCross-Ventilatd barns can now be cooled more effectively than ever.  Agpro's Complete Cow Cooling Solution allows the dairyman to monitor your water and electricity usage, current temperature and humidity, trends and profiles, and establish thresholds and guidelines for automated and efficient cooling. 
Manage your system's every aspect for efficient operation even in the hottest summer months. 

Agpro Fan Misters work in conjunction with existing cooling systems, augmenting their abilities.  Agpro offers a more efficient, effective cooling system that saves money and energy. CowLess water is wasted, and less electricity is used.   Monitor your system's performance, and correct problems before they affect cow comfort and milk production.

For More Infomation, See 'How it Works'
More efficient usage of water and electricity results in a greener, more earth-friendly dairy, as well a more profitable operation.  This, coupled with increased milk production, allows the Agpro Cow Cooling System to pay for itself.

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